Below are the photos and info that we have so far about the wildfire that’s burning west of Boulder:

New links:

  • Posted at 4:05 pm. A Google map showing the fire area and evacuated areas:
  • Posted at 4:05 pm from 9 News: Approx 2,200 acres have burned.   Shelters: North Boulder Rec Center, New Vista High School, Nederland Community Center, and Boulder County Fairgrounds.
  • Posted at 4:14 pm. Boulder County Sheriff and Fire Live Audio Feed:
  • Posted at 4:23 pm from police scanner:  Pinebrook Hills and Boulder Heights are being evacuated.
Fire on Melvina Hill - Credit to Joey Schusler

Fire on Melvina Hill - Credit to Joey Schusler

Best of luck to the firefighters and we extend our sympathies to the families that have been displaced, you’re in our thoughts.

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